Thursday, 26 May 2016


This is my reading for week 4.
The story was from a school journal.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


In my own personal judgement, I entirely believe that we should be able to listen to music freely, and I am completely convinced that music is only a distraction if you let it be.

My first reason is that music help relax and relieves stress. Students at the University of Wales are known to listen to background music while studying and doing homework. Music is calming and most people prefer to listen to music instead of work. If you had no choice to but do your work and listen to music at the same time it would most likely encourage you to do the task? Music can help people learn effectively, one example is if you listen to music while listening to a teacher and then later when you are doing a test the music will remind you what the answer is. While listening to music and doing a writing task, being as creative as possible can help your creative juices flow.

Secondly music can help block out other noises. Music is a great idea,if people are being noisy, grant them the privilege to listen to music and the noise will most likely die down. If there is music in the air then you are probably going to get into a good mood so the work is more thoughtful and innovative,but quiet at the same time. Furthermore if you are listening to music you are probably going to express what you are hearing.

Continuing the end of the last paragraph, if you set out certain music it will most likely not distract us. Eg: Task: Writing Music Genre: Music with a soft beat, Task: Maths Music Genre: Classical Music. I highly think that if you don’t like the idea of us listening to music with no big boundaries, setting music out like this.

My final reason is that people use music to do daily tasks like cleaning their room, and i’m sure that you know cleaning your room is a chore and for some people doing work at school can feel like a chore too. This can definitely help people finish their work on time (referring back to my second paragraph) and help block out noise.

In conclusion I strongly think that we should be able to listen to music during class time and not be distracted. I hope that this has convinced you to change your mind.

Thursday, 19 May 2016


This is what I have learnt about fractions in maths.


My Reading For Week 3.

This is the task:
Where did the story take place? Describe the most prominent setting
Knowledge one point

Where did the story take place?: The classroom

Description: The classroom was cold but lively with young students, the teacher was barely in the classroom when drama went down. It was like a normal classroom, filled with chairs and desks, but some very peculiar business was happening. The walls were green tinted blue and it had paint splatters everywhere, you would have thought it was an art room. Pictures all over the walls and books on the book shelves, curtains draped over the windows to stop the sun gleaming in. It was a normal classroom. It had a whiteboard, it was stained red because of the white board marker. Surprisingly enough it didn't have children.

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Knowledge 1 point    List 10 great descriptive words from the text and use them in sentences.                                    
09.05.16 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


  1. That hair colour of yours is tremendous.
  2. Magic tricks are so astonishing.
  3. That ballet dance was so graceful.
  4. Did you see that bewildered look on my face?
  5. These marvellous toys are so cool!
  6. Look at her luscious hair.
  7. He wore luminous socks
  8. Look at that enormous elephant.
  9. Refined sugar is so good.
   10) Look at that tiny bird.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Personal Qualities

This week we were learning about our own personal qualities.

Personal qualities

I am…

I am practical because I like things to be effective.
I am determined because I like to finish things.
I am ambitious because I like to dream.
I am Punctual because I like to do thing on time.
I am loyal because I give constant support to everyone around me.