Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Under the Rug

Under the rug

Two weeks past and it happened again. The mouse that was hiding in my walls was under my ever so precious rug. This was not a normal mouse. This one was a huge one! The size of a cat. I always tried to get it out of my house and i even called professionals but that rat would not leave. I know you were probably expecting some demon like thing but thing, trust me, is way worse. He gobbles up all the food in the fridge and pantry. The mouse eats 10 times as much as me. I need to get rid of it.

How Does Mould Form?

This term we have been learning about mould. Her is all the informtion i foundout about how mould forms and grows. I think i got alot of useful informationbut next time i think i should probably use oictures to show what spores are and to make it more interesting.

How does Mould form?

Have you ever wondered how mould forms, grows and works? I am going to tell you right now. Mould reproduce and is formed by lots of tiny spores that the naked eye can’t see. Indoors mould usually begins to grow on moist surfaces, but mould inside should be avoided. Outdoor mould is really helpful for nature because it breaks down dead organic things such as dead trees and old leaves.

Moulds are a large number of fungal species where the growth in hyphae results in discolouration and a fuzzy layer, especially on food. The network of the branching hyphae is called a mycelium. It is considered a single organism. The hyphae is generally clear so the mycelium appears like very fine fluffy white strings over the area. The dusty texture of mould is created by profuse production of asexual spores formed by different ends of hyphae. The shape and formation of the mold is used to classify moulds. Many of the spores are coloured, making the fungus more obvious to the human eye.

Spores are one of the main things that create mould. Spores are made by non-flowering plants, bacterias, fungi and algae. Some bacteria  produce spores as a way to survive in harsh conditions because spores can last a long tim
e in bad conditions. Spores float through the air, because they are airborne, and land on damp surfaces then begin to form mould. There are many types of moulds but all require a moist surface. The spores are carried by an air current and land on anything, so mould is very contagious.

Mould is found everywhere and can grow on almost any surface where there is moisture. Water vapor makes condensation on surfaces that are coolers than the air’s moisture, which enables mould to grow. Floors or crawl spaces and basements with dirty floors and without vapor barriers are mould prone.

That is basically how spores and mould works.

Image result for spores that make mould

Mould Life Cycle

This term we have been learning about mould and how it grows. Me and Amiele made this animation about the life cycle of mould. I think it was a good idea making our own pictures but i think next time we should add information and text.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Seeds of the Word

WALT: Explain the meaning of the term 'Seeds of the Word'

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Mission Of The Church

WALT: Recongnise the ways  Te Wairua Tapu- The Holy Spirit prepares people to carry on the mission of the church.
I enjoyes doing this because i go to be creative with the way i decorated it. Next time i think i should make the background prettier.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Astronaut, the Robber and the Rugby Stadium

Astronaut Catastrophe

One nice sunny day in the weekend there was only a few people in the rugby stadium. People were strolling casually, absorbing the nice view. One of these few people was an astronaut. He has just gotten back from his mission.He had decided to have a little look around before heading back to the station.

The astronaut had sat down on a seat and was watching everyone walk past. The astronaut soon noticed there was a rock that was very capable of tripping someone up in the middle of the path. He carefully watched the rock and all the people dodging it. But, there was one man. Who was dressed rather silly. In a burglar costume, or what he thought was a costume. The astronaut watched him steal someone's bag! The robber ran through the walkway with the rock just laying on the ground, tripped over a did a somersault! The astronaut grabbed the bag from the burglar and then saw the funny side of it and laughed really hard.

The robber did not find the incident funny at all. So he then proceeded to chase the astronaut all around the rugby stadium. The astronaut was careful to not trip over any rock or anything and i don't know if your burglar tried or not but he fell over at least 4 more times. The astronaut managed to hide from the robber and find his way back to the station without the scratched up robber seeing him. When he got back to his work, he had a long but still funny story to tell to all his co-workers.

You may be wondering what happened to the robber. The police were called but he actually did escape the rugby stadium. He just got caught across the road from it. He was the most wanted criminal of all time! Lucky the astronaut is a great runner.

Verdensmesterskapet i rugby union 2015 – Wikipedia

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


WALT: Undertand and explain the rules for order of operations, including explaining the acronims for BEDMAS

The Park

This week we had to write a recound about anything eg: the holidays. I wrote mine about that time i went to the park with my friend. The WALT: Use the correct structure for a recount. Next time i think i could make the recount longer.

The Park
It was a chilly brisk but yet sunny wednesday morning. I was with my friend Emma and we were walking toward the Margaret Mahy park. We were ready to start our adventure.

First of all we sat down because we were tired from all of the walking. Our legs were aching and frost bit out toes. The warm slowly made us thaw out and even more ready for the day.

Later when we were finally ready, we got up and began to head towards the huge slide. We climbed up the big wall with heaps of hooks to grab onto and made it to the top. We slid down and the wind blew through our hair. We continued to do this until we were sick of it. The next thing we went on was the hug flying fox. We had a lot of fun with this but it got quite boring.

We then decided to get some ice cream. So we sat down and ate it. By this point we are getting really bored and extra tired so we both agreed on walking to the bus stop and catching the bus home.

I thought overall this experience was really fun and cool. It is way better than going by yourself.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Real Life Maths?

WALT: Recongnise that order of operations can be used in real life. Next time i think i can make it look prettier.


Last Term we were learning the tongan lagugae with Sister Monika. We learnt what putting macrons on a letter could do to the way you pronounce the whole word. This is my DLO about it. Next time i think i will be more descriptive with the way i explain it. But I think I still did well.