Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Astronaut, the Robber and the Rugby Stadium

Astronaut Catastrophe

One nice sunny day in the weekend there was only a few people in the rugby stadium. People were strolling casually, absorbing the nice view. One of these few people was an astronaut. He has just gotten back from his mission.He had decided to have a little look around before heading back to the station.

The astronaut had sat down on a seat and was watching everyone walk past. The astronaut soon noticed there was a rock that was very capable of tripping someone up in the middle of the path. He carefully watched the rock and all the people dodging it. But, there was one man. Who was dressed rather silly. In a burglar costume, or what he thought was a costume. The astronaut watched him steal someone's bag! The robber ran through the walkway with the rock just laying on the ground, tripped over a did a somersault! The astronaut grabbed the bag from the burglar and then saw the funny side of it and laughed really hard.

The robber did not find the incident funny at all. So he then proceeded to chase the astronaut all around the rugby stadium. The astronaut was careful to not trip over any rock or anything and i don't know if your burglar tried or not but he fell over at least 4 more times. The astronaut managed to hide from the robber and find his way back to the station without the scratched up robber seeing him. When he got back to his work, he had a long but still funny story to tell to all his co-workers.

You may be wondering what happened to the robber. The police were called but he actually did escape the rugby stadium. He just got caught across the road from it. He was the most wanted criminal of all time! Lucky the astronaut is a great runner.

Verdensmesterskapet i rugby union 2015 – Wikipedia

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