Friday, 27 October 2017

Pou whenua. What is it?

In this slideshow I will teach you about pouwhenua. I really enjoyed researching what certain symbols mean and how they are used. Next time I would make more images. I found deciding what fact goes where difficult.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


WALT: Identify what taonga is. Identify resources that are taonga in Aotearoa . This is the dlo I made about taonga. It includes information about pounamu. I hope you learn something new. I found reading about taonga very interesting. I found putting the information in my own words with no quotes difficult. Next time I would try and use another presentation app.

The life of a ****

This week our class have been writing stories which are set in past tense. My story is about a book on a shelf. I hope you enjoy. I found it fun to imagine what it would be like living as a book. Next time I would use more emotive language.

try guess what i am...

I first started off in a foil wrapping. I don't even know how i got here, i just appeared. I was surrounded in a pretty big box with all my cousins and aunties and uncles in different packets. It felt like I had 100 cousins and they all looked exactly the same. I have always been proud of my pink sugar coated skin, it shines perfectly in the sun and is a lovely deep pink in the dull inky dark.

One day i felt a lot of pushing and shoving around our delicate cardboard box and i heard screams as my cousins got separated from us. There was a lot of chatter coming from different families followed by a load grumble and a long amount of rumbling. The talking from other families stopped for a while but a few curious children kept asking their parents what was going on. The parents tried to explain but i'm pretty sure they had no idea what was going on. My family knew, so we just kept quiet. The grumbles soon stopped and we were laying there in the pitch black for what felt like forever. We finally saw some light seep in a crack in our box as a loud sliding noise followed by a big clang approached us.
There was lots of moving and we got placed on what felt like a store front. There is a bell that rings every 20 minutes and the same exact voice repeats a muffled ‘Hi, How are you?’.

After being on the shelf for around 3 days some strong force picked up my packet. All I heard was coins dropping and a big rush of cold air glide past me. Then suddenly the lid of my pocket opens and this big hand slowly reaches in and just takes my older sister betty out of her seat. As she is exiting the packet the big hand brushes against be and betty starts laughing. The lip is then shut and I can only hear a slight scream.

It had only been a few hours before several hands grabbed almost all my siblings, except for my little brother, Billy. But not shortly after some giant hand once again opened up the lid of our cardboard box and stole my little brother and my dad. So only my mum and I were left in our-once full- packet. It didn't take long for my mum to get snatched from her seat either. I was frightened at this point. I was just sitting there waiting for what what going to happen to me, because frankly I had no idea. The time had come for when our cardboard box (which I now had all to myself) was opened and a giant hand reached in. I thought the hand picking me up would be calm. But the hand seemed angry and pinched my soft pink skin. They unwrapped my foil and I felt exposed. I quickly started moving through the air and I got placed in a wet squishy room.

I don't remember what happened after that. Everything went black. I am now deformed on a random footpath in the middle of nowhere. My shape is now a lumpy ball. No long a flat stick. I have no idea where the rest of my family is, I miss them very much.  

I am a piece of gum

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

My Mihi

W.A.L.T... Use appropriate language features for a pick a path story
I enjoyed doing this because I got to use coding for writing. Next time I will use more language features for my story.
Click the picture to go my mihi game. 

Monday, 25 September 2017

Children in Afghanistan

This term we have been looking at Social Justice and we had to create our own inquiry about children in other countries who are less fortunate than others. I think that the best thing about doing my inquiry was that I got to learn more about my country and that I got to research my own topic. One thing that I didn’t do as well as I could have was using and putting more information into my presentation of my work.

Thursday, 14 September 2017


W.A.L.T: Calculate the volume of a Cuboid. What I enjoyed was learning how to calculate the volume of a cuboid. What I could do next time is to add more information.

My Mihi

This week is Maori language week and we made mihi to tell everyone about ourselves. We used coding to create a game on 'gamefroot' that told everyone about us! Here is my game.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Why is the church not completly holy?

The Church is holy but not completly holy. The church is hokt because Jesus is very holy and is the body of christ and the holy spirit is like the breath of christ. The holy spirit dwells in ums all the time while we are living on earth but the church is not completly holy because we are not completly holy. We are not fully holy because we are still on our pilgrim journey.

WALT: Explain how the church is holy but not perfectly holy.

Here is my picture showing how the church is holy by the holy spirir that is in us but also we are not fully holy because we are still our on our journey. I think i did my pictures well but next time i think i could be a little bit more creative with how i set out my pictures.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Graffiti is it messy?

At the start of this lesson we made a piece of graffii to show our thinking. Here is my argument on why i think graffiti is an art.
WALT: Use words and pictures to convey our thoughts.

Is Graffiti an Art or is it Messy?

Graffiti, is it an art or messy? I think graffiti is an art, reasons I and lots of other people think is because it is a form of self expression. It decorates the city and is beautiful. I am going to state a few things why i think graffiti is art and is not messy.

Graffiti is a beautiful art. When just used to write names and nicknames, it looks cool and garnishes the world’s plain boring walls. The simple words written on a brick wall can add colour, brightening someone's day. Graffiti is a way to spread a message to everyone in an artistic cool looking way. Graffiti is very alluring and should be used on buildings more often.

People may think graffiti is messy and a crime but is it really vandalism if nobody is listening to the words you speak but only the words on a wall? Graffiti is a message someone is trying to give in the form of art but is unappreciated because of the law. Graffiti is not wrong for society and nobody gets harmed from the sight of graffiti. People usually think it is messy because they don't know what it means. It is creative because it expresses everything you want it to such as, your love, your needs, your wants and just your way of thinking. Painting is a form of distraction and is better being in a environment exposed to drugs and alcohol. Graffiti artists usually don't have the time or money to involve in more serious crimes than just being themselves on a blank wall. People may think that graffiti is a waste of time and money but they are wrong because graffiti helps lighten up the community.

Next, graffiti is an important source of creativity in the world and should be 100% seen as art, because it is. How many of the buildings that have graffiti on them are even being used? It has no affect on anyone purchasing an item from a building with graffiti on the outside of it so why do people consider it so messy? Graffiti is one of the best hobbies, but some people think it is not a hobby or a fashion, but they think it is a lifestyle. People who allow painting on their walls know that it is one of the best way of garnishing the city. If you do not like graffiti, do not criticize it; just try to understand everybody is different and everyone is creative in their own way.

How often do you see a bare abandoned container that is not being used and is just sitting there ugly? Graffiti artists find it a good place to use as a blank canvas and it ends up looking cool.  It changes the way we see footpaths and when we are walking down the street. But graffiti takes time, patience, talent and skill and creates a beautiful masterpiece that everyone can look at and enjoy. Graffiti is just a form of writing and help support people's thoughts and turns their thoughts into gorgeous words.

In conclusion, i believe that graffiti is art and is not messy and is a just a form of self expression and

Thursday, 31 August 2017

The church is a commutiy of disciples

W.A.L.T... Explain what is meant by the term Community of Disciples
I enjoyed doing this activity because I got to learn more about the Community of Disciples in a fun way. Next time I will make it look more interesting.

Here is my one finished

Thursday, 10 August 2017

How does climate change affect tonga?

WALT:  Understand the impact climate change is having on communities in parts of tonga.
I think i did well adding the informaton i got but next time i think i should add picture to show the reader exactly what i am talking about so they can see aswell.

We need you!

W.A.L.T ... Describe the qualities of someone who is an effective advocate for others .

This week we made a poster for a climate change weather officer in New Zealand I made my poster using a cool app called Piktochart.
Next time I will add in more reasons why we need these people and I will describe the qualities of the person                                                                                   better

No Petrol?!

W.A.L.T ... Understand what could happen if we ran out of petroleum

This week we were writing about what would happen if we ran out of petrol tomorrow . While doing this I enjoyed learning about what could happen in the years to come . Next time I will try to stay on topic .

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if we ran out of petrol? There would be nothing to power cars and truck. Here is a few thing that could happen.

The first thing that anyone would do is try to convert petroleum engines to a natural petrol engine to try stop the transportation issue the quickest.

The world fossil fuels are said to all be gone by the year 2088. Fossil fuels are really old. People like to call it the ‘oil age’. Some people also seem to say that a peak in fossil fuels will be in 2025 but then it’s downhill from there. People have tried to stop the world from running out of fossil fuels/petrol but it only lasted a few months before the country that was testing became panic struck.

If the world ran out of petrol tomorrow most businesses would be destroyed and completely useless to the whole world. Families that live ‘far away from civilisation’ would hardly be affected because they usually live without petrol anyways. If the world ran out of fossil fuels, starvation would kill through half of the population within a few months then another third would die within one year.

If the world ran out of petrol there would be no cars or trucks to ship food or supplies for those who need it. There would be no public transport so traveling would be extra difficult. There would be less carbon emissions and a more economically friendly environment but that world would be one big chaos. If there was no petrol to fuel up cars we would have more technology in simple types of rooms such as bigger screens and more advanced software because people's minds will not be sidetracked by cars, although there would still be a few people trying to figure out a new way to run a car.

In conclusion the world would be in bad state of chaos without petroleum and fossil fuels and there would be a new way to start cars but by the time that would have been done most of the population would be gone. Big factories would not be able to find a solution to powering their machines for a few years so the world would not be a happy place to live on.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Fair Test

WALT..Identify the conditions needed to grow mould. With a buddy we had to swab three areas that we chose and put it on the jelly. We waited for a week to check the results and the images are on the slide. It was fun because it really looked cool. Next time we could use a different app to make it more interesting. 

Bacteria Experiment

WALT..Identify the conditions needed to grow mould. With a buddy we had to swab three areas that we chose and put it on the jelly. We waited for a week to check the results and the images are on the slide. It was fun because it really looked cool. Next time we could use a different app to make it more interesting. 

Preserving Food in the Past

WALT… Identify   that preserving removes one or more of the conditions that fungi and bacteria need for growth.
I found this activity very interesting and enjoyed learning about older preserving techniques.  Next time I would include more techniques of preserving food

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Legend of the Steepest Street in the World

The past few weeks my class has been writing our own legends. 
I enjoyed doing this because I got to be creative and write my own legend. My next step is to use other words so that I don't repeat the words I have already used.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


W.A.L.T... Use our prior knowledge along with the text to synthesis new ideas
I enjoyed doing this because I got to work with a buddy and i got to use scratch. Next time we will make it longer and add more information.

Monday, 3 July 2017

God is greater than everything

W.A.L.T ... Recognise that God is Spirit - Wairua and is greater than anything created
I enjoyed doing this because I got to create an something with things that I like. Next time I will add more images

Thursday, 29 June 2017


I enjoyed doing this because i had fun learning something new and making prezis is always fun, next time  i think i hould take pictures of my work to show my trial and error. 
I hope you enojoyed this!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Trapped Alone

The past two weeks we have been writing two descriptive paragraphs about what we see in the photo below. We had to use descriptive words to show not tell. I enjoyed doing this because we had to make it descriptive so the reader can make a picture in their mind. Next time I will add use more descriptive words.

 The Man

Heavy loud drips on the roof echoed thorugh the darkness, the man finally found shelter. Light from the moon seeps in through the cracks and pinches the mans muddy, filthy face. The sound of big claps from the sky become muffled by the howling wind. Every movement he makes creates an explosion of dust and a series of soft creaks. The man becomes dizzy as an excessive amount of dust bursts into the air and suffocates him. The man has not been in the shelter for long but has discovered it has not been used in a while.

His eyes close as he struggles to keep them open, his heavy breathing radiates around the building . As he starts to doze off, his body is beginning to relax and his breathing is getting fainter every minute. When the man is in a light slumber, he awoke with the sound of rats scuttering in the walls. Nibbling and scratching from in the walls, rang in his ears and created his body to become stiff. The heat from his body emits into the cold, dead air. The mans frostbiten nose and toes struggle to find warmth, so the man curls up into a ball and uses his own heat as a blanket. After several hours he finally loses himself in a deep sleep that in a way feels like he is in  hybernation because he slept for what seemed to be an unending amount of time.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 8.55.13 AM.png

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Under the Rug

Under the rug

Two weeks past and it happened again. The mouse that was hiding in my walls was under my ever so precious rug. This was not a normal mouse. This one was a huge one! The size of a cat. I always tried to get it out of my house and i even called professionals but that rat would not leave. I know you were probably expecting some demon like thing but thing, trust me, is way worse. He gobbles up all the food in the fridge and pantry. The mouse eats 10 times as much as me. I need to get rid of it.

How Does Mould Form?

This term we have been learning about mould. Her is all the informtion i foundout about how mould forms and grows. I think i got alot of useful informationbut next time i think i should probably use oictures to show what spores are and to make it more interesting.

How does Mould form?

Have you ever wondered how mould forms, grows and works? I am going to tell you right now. Mould reproduce and is formed by lots of tiny spores that the naked eye can’t see. Indoors mould usually begins to grow on moist surfaces, but mould inside should be avoided. Outdoor mould is really helpful for nature because it breaks down dead organic things such as dead trees and old leaves.

Moulds are a large number of fungal species where the growth in hyphae results in discolouration and a fuzzy layer, especially on food. The network of the branching hyphae is called a mycelium. It is considered a single organism. The hyphae is generally clear so the mycelium appears like very fine fluffy white strings over the area. The dusty texture of mould is created by profuse production of asexual spores formed by different ends of hyphae. The shape and formation of the mold is used to classify moulds. Many of the spores are coloured, making the fungus more obvious to the human eye.

Spores are one of the main things that create mould. Spores are made by non-flowering plants, bacterias, fungi and algae. Some bacteria  produce spores as a way to survive in harsh conditions because spores can last a long tim
e in bad conditions. Spores float through the air, because they are airborne, and land on damp surfaces then begin to form mould. There are many types of moulds but all require a moist surface. The spores are carried by an air current and land on anything, so mould is very contagious.

Mould is found everywhere and can grow on almost any surface where there is moisture. Water vapor makes condensation on surfaces that are coolers than the air’s moisture, which enables mould to grow. Floors or crawl spaces and basements with dirty floors and without vapor barriers are mould prone.

That is basically how spores and mould works.

Image result for spores that make mould

Mould Life Cycle

This term we have been learning about mould and how it grows. Me and Amiele made this animation about the life cycle of mould. I think it was a good idea making our own pictures but i think next time we should add information and text.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Seeds of the Word

WALT: Explain the meaning of the term 'Seeds of the Word'

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Mission Of The Church

WALT: Recongnise the ways  Te Wairua Tapu- The Holy Spirit prepares people to carry on the mission of the church.
I enjoyes doing this because i go to be creative with the way i decorated it. Next time i think i should make the background prettier.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Astronaut, the Robber and the Rugby Stadium

Astronaut Catastrophe

One nice sunny day in the weekend there was only a few people in the rugby stadium. People were strolling casually, absorbing the nice view. One of these few people was an astronaut. He has just gotten back from his mission.He had decided to have a little look around before heading back to the station.

The astronaut had sat down on a seat and was watching everyone walk past. The astronaut soon noticed there was a rock that was very capable of tripping someone up in the middle of the path. He carefully watched the rock and all the people dodging it. But, there was one man. Who was dressed rather silly. In a burglar costume, or what he thought was a costume. The astronaut watched him steal someone's bag! The robber ran through the walkway with the rock just laying on the ground, tripped over a did a somersault! The astronaut grabbed the bag from the burglar and then saw the funny side of it and laughed really hard.

The robber did not find the incident funny at all. So he then proceeded to chase the astronaut all around the rugby stadium. The astronaut was careful to not trip over any rock or anything and i don't know if your burglar tried or not but he fell over at least 4 more times. The astronaut managed to hide from the robber and find his way back to the station without the scratched up robber seeing him. When he got back to his work, he had a long but still funny story to tell to all his co-workers.

You may be wondering what happened to the robber. The police were called but he actually did escape the rugby stadium. He just got caught across the road from it. He was the most wanted criminal of all time! Lucky the astronaut is a great runner.

Verdensmesterskapet i rugby union 2015 – Wikipedia

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


WALT: Undertand and explain the rules for order of operations, including explaining the acronims for BEDMAS

The Park

This week we had to write a recound about anything eg: the holidays. I wrote mine about that time i went to the park with my friend. The WALT: Use the correct structure for a recount. Next time i think i could make the recount longer.

The Park
It was a chilly brisk but yet sunny wednesday morning. I was with my friend Emma and we were walking toward the Margaret Mahy park. We were ready to start our adventure.

First of all we sat down because we were tired from all of the walking. Our legs were aching and frost bit out toes. The warm slowly made us thaw out and even more ready for the day.

Later when we were finally ready, we got up and began to head towards the huge slide. We climbed up the big wall with heaps of hooks to grab onto and made it to the top. We slid down and the wind blew through our hair. We continued to do this until we were sick of it. The next thing we went on was the hug flying fox. We had a lot of fun with this but it got quite boring.

We then decided to get some ice cream. So we sat down and ate it. By this point we are getting really bored and extra tired so we both agreed on walking to the bus stop and catching the bus home.

I thought overall this experience was really fun and cool. It is way better than going by yourself.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Real Life Maths?

WALT: Recongnise that order of operations can be used in real life. Next time i think i can make it look prettier.


Last Term we were learning the tongan lagugae with Sister Monika. We learnt what putting macrons on a letter could do to the way you pronounce the whole word. This is my DLO about it. Next time i think i will be more descriptive with the way i explain it. But I think I still did well.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Easter Triduum!

WALT: Learn How the Easter Triduum is Celebrated in Church

We had to write about the east triduum, next time i think i would no tmake it zoom in as much because it gets kind of confusing.

Life in the Trenches

WALT: Describe how people risk their lives for others and the importance of animals in war.
We had to write how people risk their lives for other and about life in the trenches. This is my view on it.

Importance of Animals in the war

WALT:  Describe how people risk their lives for others and understand the importance of animals in war

The ANZAC Puppy

Based on ‘The ANZAC Puppy’ By Peter Millett and Trish Bowels
WALT: Write a flashback from a different perspective and use show not tell

I was proudly walking down the street in my uniform when I came across a young petite looking girl with a puppy in a box. The girl explained that the puppy didn't have a home because her family couldn't afford an extra mouth to feed.  So I took the puppy and told the girl I will take care of the dog and return her safely. I decided to name the dog ‘Freda’.

I got to the war front and the crashing and banging was almost too much, every time there was an explosion it rang in my ears for a while. But I had Freda to comfort me. She was always there for me on the scorching hot days and on the brisk bitter nights. I shared everything with Freda, she was the only thing keeping me alive. Freda was, and still is, my best friend.

Great Dane - Wikimedia Commons

We had to write a flashback with the perspective of either the dog that soilder or the girl the owned the dog first. I chose the soilder (Sam) . This is how I saw the story and if I was Sam I would write it like this. I hope you enjoy

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Board Game Madness

This week we had to create a board game that was some what relevant to the book you were reading. Here is what i got.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


This week we were learning about exponants. Here is what i learnt from it. 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


This week we were learning about prime factorisation.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Guess that....

This week we were learning about inferencing and reading between the lines. We learnt to use out prior knowledge to try figure out who the person is. Here is my take on it. Next time i think i will add more clues to make it easier to guess.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Time Series Data

Me and my buddy were collecting data from the amount of people that leave the classroom suring class time.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


WALT: Describe characteristics of a good leader.
I enjoyed doing this because my buddy and I had fun doing it. Next time we will add more information.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Pigeon: Impossible

This week we were asked to write a newspaper atricle and plan out a video that we saw called Pigeon: Impossible. Next time i will make it nicer to look at by adding colour. I really like the way my newspaper came out.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Treaty Of Waitangi

WALT... Explore and describe events about the treaty of waitangi. I found this fun because i got to find more about the treaty of waitangi, next time i will add more colours into my slide so that its more exciting.

Friday, 3 February 2017


This week is the first week back so we made a DLO about ourselves and we had to include information about our self. I enjoyed making this because i got to use befunky to create my picture. Next time i will make my slide a bit more exciting with more pictures.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Mercy Values

WALT.... Identify the Mercy Values and describe how they are evident in out school. I enjoyed making this because i got to learn more about the Mercy Values.