Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The ANZAC Puppy

Based on ‘The ANZAC Puppy’ By Peter Millett and Trish Bowels
WALT: Write a flashback from a different perspective and use show not tell

I was proudly walking down the street in my uniform when I came across a young petite looking girl with a puppy in a box. The girl explained that the puppy didn't have a home because her family couldn't afford an extra mouth to feed.  So I took the puppy and told the girl I will take care of the dog and return her safely. I decided to name the dog ‘Freda’.

I got to the war front and the crashing and banging was almost too much, every time there was an explosion it rang in my ears for a while. But I had Freda to comfort me. She was always there for me on the scorching hot days and on the brisk bitter nights. I shared everything with Freda, she was the only thing keeping me alive. Freda was, and still is, my best friend.

Great Dane - Wikimedia Commons

We had to write a flashback with the perspective of either the dog that soilder or the girl the owned the dog first. I chose the soilder (Sam) . This is how I saw the story and if I was Sam I would write it like this. I hope you enjoy

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