Friday, 27 October 2017

Pou whenua. What is it?

In this slideshow I will teach you about pouwhenua. I really enjoyed researching what certain symbols mean and how they are used. Next time I would make more images. I found deciding what fact goes where difficult.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


WALT: Identify what taonga is. Identify resources that are taonga in Aotearoa . This is the dlo I made about taonga. It includes information about pounamu. I hope you learn something new. I found reading about taonga very interesting. I found putting the information in my own words with no quotes difficult. Next time I would try and use another presentation app.

The life of a ****

This week our class have been writing stories which are set in past tense. My story is about a book on a shelf. I hope you enjoy. I found it fun to imagine what it would be like living as a book. Next time I would use more emotive language.

try guess what i am...

I first started off in a foil wrapping. I don't even know how i got here, i just appeared. I was surrounded in a pretty big box with all my cousins and aunties and uncles in different packets. It felt like I had 100 cousins and they all looked exactly the same. I have always been proud of my pink sugar coated skin, it shines perfectly in the sun and is a lovely deep pink in the dull inky dark.

One day i felt a lot of pushing and shoving around our delicate cardboard box and i heard screams as my cousins got separated from us. There was a lot of chatter coming from different families followed by a load grumble and a long amount of rumbling. The talking from other families stopped for a while but a few curious children kept asking their parents what was going on. The parents tried to explain but i'm pretty sure they had no idea what was going on. My family knew, so we just kept quiet. The grumbles soon stopped and we were laying there in the pitch black for what felt like forever. We finally saw some light seep in a crack in our box as a loud sliding noise followed by a big clang approached us.
There was lots of moving and we got placed on what felt like a store front. There is a bell that rings every 20 minutes and the same exact voice repeats a muffled ‘Hi, How are you?’.

After being on the shelf for around 3 days some strong force picked up my packet. All I heard was coins dropping and a big rush of cold air glide past me. Then suddenly the lid of my pocket opens and this big hand slowly reaches in and just takes my older sister betty out of her seat. As she is exiting the packet the big hand brushes against be and betty starts laughing. The lip is then shut and I can only hear a slight scream.

It had only been a few hours before several hands grabbed almost all my siblings, except for my little brother, Billy. But not shortly after some giant hand once again opened up the lid of our cardboard box and stole my little brother and my dad. So only my mum and I were left in our-once full- packet. It didn't take long for my mum to get snatched from her seat either. I was frightened at this point. I was just sitting there waiting for what what going to happen to me, because frankly I had no idea. The time had come for when our cardboard box (which I now had all to myself) was opened and a giant hand reached in. I thought the hand picking me up would be calm. But the hand seemed angry and pinched my soft pink skin. They unwrapped my foil and I felt exposed. I quickly started moving through the air and I got placed in a wet squishy room.

I don't remember what happened after that. Everything went black. I am now deformed on a random footpath in the middle of nowhere. My shape is now a lumpy ball. No long a flat stick. I have no idea where the rest of my family is, I miss them very much.  

I am a piece of gum