Thursday, 30 June 2016

Monday, 27 June 2016


We have been looking at the probibility of choosing the yellow jelly bean.

Thursday, 23 June 2016


The superpower

I show Ella where she is going to sleep and she says she loves it. I remember when I used to love this house, now it is just a building with no special meaning to me. This is the biggest thing money can buy, a mansion. I hear a knock on the door as faint as the cries of help echoing inside my head. I walk to the door taking one’s time and I hear another knock. I open the door, It is Nyla.

She asks me what took so long, I ignore her and I ask what she wants. Duplicating me she walks in the door and heads straight to my office. She is ruffling through my papers and turn around as she hears my footsteps become louder and louder. She explains there has been mysterious happenings, kind of like superpowers and then she shows me ‘The Daily Day’ newspaper. In the paper it has different occurrences one of which is teleportation. ‘How fake’ I murmur.

Ella is unpacking her stuff and I walk into the room she will be  staying in for a while. She asks if she can put up her posters, and if she could use the cork board at the back of the room for all her studies. I agree that she can do all these thing and I also ask her if she wants a desk and she politely says ‘yes please’. I leave the room calling my moving guy to move the desk from a different room into her room. I start walking into my office to see that Nyla is still there on my computer. I turn around and ignore her, I can’t be bothered dealing with her silly news so I let her be.

Ella calls me into her room and asks me if I have heard about the strange things that have been going on. She said that she has been studying about it. She opens up a drawer on her dutchess and pulls out a purple folder, papers were perfectly placed in the folder. I wish my office was as neat as your folder’ I say. She shows me all the weird supernatural stuff. She explains that all the people that this has been happening too are either presidents, mayors or prime-ministers. She states that maybe all the things that have been happening to the other people might happen to me sooner or later.

I walk back to my office super confused and I see Nyla is still there. I tell her to leave,and I have important work to do but all she does is turn around and squint at me. I tap her shoulder and she turn around and taps my nose,then my elbow and then my knee and lastly my ear. I feel a tingly feeling in my fingers and ice shoots out of my finger tips. I hear a scream and there is Ella with her phone recording the whole thing. I’m a superhero now.