Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Park

This week we had to write a recound about anything eg: the holidays. I wrote mine about that time i went to the park with my friend. The WALT: Use the correct structure for a recount. Next time i think i could make the recount longer.

The Park
It was a chilly brisk but yet sunny wednesday morning. I was with my friend Emma and we were walking toward the Margaret Mahy park. We were ready to start our adventure.

First of all we sat down because we were tired from all of the walking. Our legs were aching and frost bit out toes. The warm slowly made us thaw out and even more ready for the day.

Later when we were finally ready, we got up and began to head towards the huge slide. We climbed up the big wall with heaps of hooks to grab onto and made it to the top. We slid down and the wind blew through our hair. We continued to do this until we were sick of it. The next thing we went on was the hug flying fox. We had a lot of fun with this but it got quite boring.

We then decided to get some ice cream. So we sat down and ate it. By this point we are getting really bored and extra tired so we both agreed on walking to the bus stop and catching the bus home.

I thought overall this experience was really fun and cool. It is way better than going by yourself.

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