Friday, 3 February 2017


This week is the first week back so we made a DLO about ourselves and we had to include information about our self. I enjoyed making this because i got to use befunky to create my picture. Next time i will make my slide a bit more exciting with more pictures.


  1. Hi Brielle,
    I like the way you have presented your slideshow.
    Also I like how you used effects

  2. Hi Brielle,
    I really like your slideshow. It's simple and it doesn't have to much information.You did really well. I really like the pictures you have put in your slideshow.(even Justin Bieber even though he's not my favourite). Keep on achieving your goal. :)

  3. Hi Brielle,
    I like how you used some effects to hide your identity.Also I hope that you achieve your goal.

  4. Hi Brielle,
    I like the way you talk about yourself, and enjoy reading it. I like how you used effects. I wish you can achieve your goals this year.

  5. hello Brielle I like you have put your favorite subject and how you learn maybe you can change the backrounds because the text does not really stand out.

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  7. Hello brielle,
    I like your slide it is cool to put in justen beiber
    but put in more slide next time

  8. Hey Brielle
    I like the Justin Bieber photos and you should put more images but not Justin Bieber

  9. Hey Brielle,
    Good job on your slide maybe next time you could use more color to your slide but still good work.


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