Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Graffiti is it messy?

At the start of this lesson we made a piece of graffii to show our thinking. Here is my argument on why i think graffiti is an art.
WALT: Use words and pictures to convey our thoughts.

Is Graffiti an Art or is it Messy?

Graffiti, is it an art or messy? I think graffiti is an art, reasons I and lots of other people think is because it is a form of self expression. It decorates the city and is beautiful. I am going to state a few things why i think graffiti is art and is not messy.

Graffiti is a beautiful art. When just used to write names and nicknames, it looks cool and garnishes the world’s plain boring walls. The simple words written on a brick wall can add colour, brightening someone's day. Graffiti is a way to spread a message to everyone in an artistic cool looking way. Graffiti is very alluring and should be used on buildings more often.

People may think graffiti is messy and a crime but is it really vandalism if nobody is listening to the words you speak but only the words on a wall? Graffiti is a message someone is trying to give in the form of art but is unappreciated because of the law. Graffiti is not wrong for society and nobody gets harmed from the sight of graffiti. People usually think it is messy because they don't know what it means. It is creative because it expresses everything you want it to such as, your love, your needs, your wants and just your way of thinking. Painting is a form of distraction and is better being in a environment exposed to drugs and alcohol. Graffiti artists usually don't have the time or money to involve in more serious crimes than just being themselves on a blank wall. People may think that graffiti is a waste of time and money but they are wrong because graffiti helps lighten up the community.

Next, graffiti is an important source of creativity in the world and should be 100% seen as art, because it is. How many of the buildings that have graffiti on them are even being used? It has no affect on anyone purchasing an item from a building with graffiti on the outside of it so why do people consider it so messy? Graffiti is one of the best hobbies, but some people think it is not a hobby or a fashion, but they think it is a lifestyle. People who allow painting on their walls know that it is one of the best way of garnishing the city. If you do not like graffiti, do not criticize it; just try to understand everybody is different and everyone is creative in their own way.

How often do you see a bare abandoned container that is not being used and is just sitting there ugly? Graffiti artists find it a good place to use as a blank canvas and it ends up looking cool.  It changes the way we see footpaths and when we are walking down the street. But graffiti takes time, patience, talent and skill and creates a beautiful masterpiece that everyone can look at and enjoy. Graffiti is just a form of writing and help support people's thoughts and turns their thoughts into gorgeous words.

In conclusion, i believe that graffiti is art and is not messy and is a just a form of self expression and

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