Thursday, 10 August 2017

No Petrol?!

W.A.L.T ... Understand what could happen if we ran out of petroleum

This week we were writing about what would happen if we ran out of petrol tomorrow . While doing this I enjoyed learning about what could happen in the years to come . Next time I will try to stay on topic .

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if we ran out of petrol? There would be nothing to power cars and truck. Here is a few thing that could happen.

The first thing that anyone would do is try to convert petroleum engines to a natural petrol engine to try stop the transportation issue the quickest.

The world fossil fuels are said to all be gone by the year 2088. Fossil fuels are really old. People like to call it the ‘oil age’. Some people also seem to say that a peak in fossil fuels will be in 2025 but then it’s downhill from there. People have tried to stop the world from running out of fossil fuels/petrol but it only lasted a few months before the country that was testing became panic struck.

If the world ran out of petrol tomorrow most businesses would be destroyed and completely useless to the whole world. Families that live ‘far away from civilisation’ would hardly be affected because they usually live without petrol anyways. If the world ran out of fossil fuels, starvation would kill through half of the population within a few months then another third would die within one year.

If the world ran out of petrol there would be no cars or trucks to ship food or supplies for those who need it. There would be no public transport so traveling would be extra difficult. There would be less carbon emissions and a more economically friendly environment but that world would be one big chaos. If there was no petrol to fuel up cars we would have more technology in simple types of rooms such as bigger screens and more advanced software because people's minds will not be sidetracked by cars, although there would still be a few people trying to figure out a new way to run a car.

In conclusion the world would be in bad state of chaos without petroleum and fossil fuels and there would be a new way to start cars but by the time that would have been done most of the population would be gone. Big factories would not be able to find a solution to powering their machines for a few years so the world would not be a happy place to live on.

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